Flower Maxi Dress
Flower Maxi Dress

Flower Maxi Dress

$ 268.00


Each time I make a botanic it captures a mood, or rasa in Indian terminology. The weight of air, water, balance of petals on fabric, the clouds, wind, or sun, or the rise or phase of the moon, all affects the outcome and makes each piece its own statement in time, place, and movement. It's impossible to repeat the sentiment and more beautiful because of that.

This maxi dress has been hand dyed with rose petals, painted with barks, and steamed with crystal elixirs.  There's only one in the world like this.  The shawl is not included in the photo, it's a tank dress on the top.

Washing Instructions

Quick hand-wash with natural washing detergent (We like Mrs. Meyers soap) in cold water.  Hang to Dry.


One size fits most.