Collection: Flower Dyes


Each time I make a botanic it captures a mood, or rasa in Indian terminology. The weight of air, water, balance of petals on fabric, the clouds, wind, or sun, or the rise or phase of the moon, the ph of the soil the flowers were grown in, even the sentiment of where they were grown, all affects the outcome and makes each piece its own statement in time, place, and movement. It's impossible to repeat the sentiment and more beautiful because of that.

Each item is hand-dyed with rose petals, or seasonal weekly farmer's market finds, and steamed with avalove's own blend of crystal elixirs designed for love.  It can take up to three hours to make a single piece, and sometimes pieces are dyed more than once.

Slow fashion is a revolution against the concept of mass consumption or mass production because each piece takes time to create.  There's no way you can mass produce items created by this process.  The value of pieces made in this way increases because of it's supply (one of a kind!) The piece becomes more beautiful and valuable because of this special creation process.

Botanics are all made from silk and natural dyes from barks or flowers. As nature is delicate, so are these pieces.  Each one is a piece of art in itself so handle with care!  

Hand wash and hang to dry.  I love Mrs. Meyer's Honeysuckle Soap to do the trick!

There will be slight variations with natural dye with each piece, as this is nature's design and not ours- so each petal may change with time and colors vary with exposure to sun, or elements.  The flowers do the work and create very unique patterns and colors.  Depending on where the flower was grown, the PH of the water and soil, the salt in the air, the handling of the flowers-creates the dye the flower will give. The same flower used on two separate pieces can come out completely different depending on the factors above.  No piece can be reproduced because of this.