Collection: Cloud Walker by avalove: Down Cloud Coats

Poetry can be expressed in many ways.  Verbally, visually through the use of metaphor.  Here we can float every day in the clouds of words or images on ready to wear. 

This is a part of the store, by avalove, a constellation line of the handmade original avalove, and is a sketchbook of my designs from the past twenty years of designing avalove as well as many new design sketches. 

These designs are designed by me and not made by me.  They are custom-made as you order them and because of this I would allow a few weeks for the item to be made and shipped to you.

This is a terrific way to express all of those creative ideas I have that it's just impossible to produce each and every one but this way we can make a lot of them and explore new concepts like this with you! 

It's a wonderful way to share so much more of what avalove designs and also a way I can have these designs always available for you.  

I invite you to enjoy this special avalove project!  It's so exciting to be able to create something and have it be available right away to you!

Enjoy my sketchbook of dreams!




*Please note: this is not avalove original line and is designed by ava but not made by avalove or printed by avalove in house.  avalove creates the designs and they are made and shipped by other manufacturers who make these items custom as you order them,  and ship them directly to you! :) 


(all ducks are treated humanely during our production, no down is come from live-plucked or force-fed birds)