The Cathedral of White Pine Long Sleeve Pocket Shirt

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Size: 2XS

Color: DarkSlateBlue

The cathedral of the white pine surrounds you.


The Fir is a celestial tree associated with protection and spirituality in many Native American tribes.


Pine is often considered to be a symbol of longevity and endurance because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It is a tree that can live for centuries and is able to adapt and thrive in a variety of northern and high-altitude environments.


Pine is also associated with spiritual growth and renewal. The tree's needles are evergreen, meaning they don't fall off, and it stays green throughout the year, reminding us that despite the change of seasons, nature is always growing and renewing itself.


The Japanese term Matsu loosely translates as “waiting for the soul of a god to descend from heaven”, which relates to the Shinto belief that pines are ladders used by gods to ascend to heaven.

PREFERRED MATERIAL: Our t-shirt is made of polyester + spandex, which is comfortable to the touch and has a soft fabric.  The t-shirt style is long and has pockets on both sides 


【 Washing instructions 】

Hand washable and machine washable, do not soak for a long time, do not bleach, wash solution temperature should not exceed 45ºC.







2XS 82/32.3 70/27.5 136/53.5 34/13.4
XS 84/33.1 72/28.3 140/55.1 35/13.7
S 86/33.8 74/29.1 144/56.7 36/14.2
M 88/34.6 76/29.9 148/58.3 37/14.6
L 90/35.4 78/30.7 152/59.8 38/15
XL 92/36.2 80/31.5 156/61.4 39/15.4
2XL 94/37.0 82/32.3 160/63.0 40/15.7
3XL 96/37.8 84/33.1 164/64.5 41/16.1
4XL 98/38.6 86/33.8 168/66.1 42/16.5
5XL 100/39.4 88/34.6 172/67.7 43/16.9
6XL 102/40.1 90/35.4 176/68.5 44/17.3

 This is a constellation line of avalove!

This is a new experimental line that will be only available online and made as you order!  These items are not made in-house, but designed by me!  This gives me the opportunity to experiment with different processes of design work.  Let's see what magic we can create here!

I think of this section as a dream journal, a sort of biography of my designs for the past 16 years and some new experiments for what I may create in the future. 

This is avalove's sketchpad of dreams and ideas you can wear.  It's personal as it is a scrapbook of my history making things.  

This is my sketchpad of dreams and ideas you can wear. A constellation of poetry thread with stars. 

*Please note: these items are custom made for you as you order, shipping time will be updated as you order!  Please leave time for the item to be made for you as it could take a few weeks to produce and ship, but know this item is being custom made just for you!

This line is a different line from avalove which I design and is made by myself with my avalove team. avalove is sold online and in person. 

*avalove constellation is only available online and you must order online only.

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