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Writer's Quill Tunic Lightweight Sweater

Writer's Quill Tunic Lightweight Sweater

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Let the Writer's Quill inspire you. 

Quills were traditionally used as a writing instrument for writers throughout time.  Even Shakespeare used a writing quill with his right hand. 

Even if you aren't a writer, this Quill will inspire you to write and imagine your best life.

This tunic cut is limited edition, first run!


Gilded Silver Feathers on an Inky Black cozy soft crew neck long sleeve tunic length sweater.


Star Style Advice:   A statement piece! 

Size Chart:

 The fabric is medium-weight to lightweight.  This is a limited edition piece.

Care Instructions:

Recommended wash in cold water. This is pre-shrunk so it won't shrink further in the wash! Tumble dry low or better hang to dry. The nicer you are to caring for any clothing item, the happier and longer life you will grant the fabric! This fabric will wash and behave like a fleece. 



Care Instructions

AVALOVE GOOD CARE PRACTICE: Wash in cold water/tumble dry low. As with any garment, the nicer you are with it, the happier it will be so care is up to you! Hanging to dry, turning inside out with wash are always great practices!

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